Community Outreach program at the West Huron Care Centre

Our Community Outreach program at the West Huron Care Centre provides health and wellness programs to people who are 55+ and living with chronic illness with the goal of remaining healthy and enjoying life.

Wellness Program

Community Outreach is part of Community Support Services (CSS), which abides by the Mission and Values of West Huron Care Centre/Blue Water Rest Home.

Community Outreach’s Wellness Program is part of an initiative that began in 2008 consisting of seven community support agencies providing services throughout their respective counties.

Our Community Outreach programs include:

  • Exercise & Falls Prevention
  • Tiered Exercise Program
  • Foot Care Clinics
  • Blood Pressure Clinic
  • Congregate Dining and Community Meal Delivery
  • Grocery Program
  • Education
  • Additional Wellness Programs

Wellness for Seniors (WFS) of
Perth and Huron

Wellness for Seniors (WFS) of Perth and Huron has been funded through Ontario Health atHome to create a wellness program based on the enhancement of existing programs and the creation of new ones.

WFS programs encourage individuals to manage their own health. Wellness programs have been created to provide a safe, inexpensive avenue for individuals to remain active and healthy.

The WFS programs bring wellness, education, and health monitoring to community dwelling individuals in rural and isolated areas. WFS aims to promote and sustain improved health for older adults through a standardized best practice model of programs in local communities across Huron-Perth. All services will be provided within the overarching themes of education, exercise, and health promotion/monitoring.

Huron Perth Community Support Services Network (CSSN)

Community Outreach also operates as part of Huron Perth Community Support Services Network (CSSN). This network consists of agencies funded for Community Support Services and operates as a “virtual organization”. All agencies work together to integrate and improve our functioning, and to advance our role as Community Support Services within the health system.

Community Support Services Network:

  • Shares common intake and central access for all services provided through CSS
  • Shares participant records between all CSS agencies
  • Shares care coordination for resources, consultation, and support for complex clients
  • Join their efforts in planning and advocacy
  • Coordinate CSS with other healthcare providers in Huron Perth, including Coordinated Care Planning.

How to participate

Community Outreach asks that participants register through Central Intake at 1-844-482-7800, when looking to join their programs.

Find out more about what Community Outreach offers on our Wellness Calendar

Exercise and Falls Prevention

Community Outreach offer a range of exercise and falls prevention classes. All Exercise & Falls Prevention classes are instructed by trained volunteers or staff members. They are all certified with their Senior Fitness Instructor Course (SFIC). Funding from Ontario Health atHome allows our classes to be offered at no charge. Each class is enhanced with falls prevention education modules discussed throughout the session.

Please note: Modified exercise options are offered at each class level, for those who require it. Participants should speak with their instructor prior to the class starting.

Group Fitness Class

  • 60 minutes Group Exercise (Level 3)

Level 3 classes are offered in community settings. The class is designed for those with a moderate to vigorous level of ability, providing the option to participate at a higher level of intensity. Class is broken down into 6 sections: Warm-up, cardio, cool-down, balance, strength & stretching. Classes are open to the public.

Group Fitness Class

  • 40 minutes Active Wellness (Level 2)

Level 2 classes are offered in community and retirement settings. The class is designed for those with a moderate level of ability. This level of class is a mix of both standing and seated components. This gentler version of our Group Fitness class is great for individuals with limited mobility or recovering from injury. Classes are open to the public.

Tiered Exercise Program

The exercises presented in the Tiered Exercise Program is designed for older adults who experience frailty due to diminished physical capacity. Regular participation in this simple progressive exercise program helps to promote independence and improve functional mobility, general health and mental well-being of frail older adults. The program consists of three tiers of strength, balance and cardiorespiratory exercises targeted to three levels of ability. Each tier is comprised of 10 simple, progressive exercises designed to improve the strength, balance, and mobility of participants.

Foot Care Clinic

Community Outreach provides Foot Care Clinics through a contracted Registered Foot Care provider. Appointments are scheduled through Community Outreach and cost $35.00/appointment. Participants may be subject to a cancellation fee, if they fail to provide notice.

Congregate Dining and Community Meal Delivery 

Community Outreach offers Dining for Seniors, both in-person and/or meal delivery to your door. Participants can enjoy a delicious from a local restaurant. Meals prices range between $10.00 – $20.00 and pre-registration is required through Community Outreach.

In-person Dining for Seniors is accompanied with a program, which varies from month-to-month and is held in the Risi Room.

For more information or to sign-up, please contact Community Outreach.

Community Outreach is pleased to also offer frozen meal delivery each month. Meals are supplied by Back N Time Catering and cost between $4.00- $9.00 per meal. Orders and payment are due the 1st Friday of the month, with delivery the following Thursday. Please contact Community Outreach at or 519-236-4373 ext. 632 to place your order.

Blood Pressure Clinic

Our Blood Pressure Clinic is offered free of charge, and is delivered by trained facilitators, who assist with blood pressure measurement using automated devices. Click Here to find the dates offered on our monthly calendar.


Community Outreach offers various monthly education sessions, from cooking classes to chronic illness presentations, to wellness bingo. Education
presentations and sessions are offered in different formats, including in-person and virtual.

Be sure to check our monthly Wellness Calendar and our WHCC Facebook page, for the most up-to-date information and opportunities.

Grocery Program

Our grocery delivery program is for seniors in Zurich and area. Interested participants are required to place their grocery order by noon on Monday with Foodland in Exeter. Community Outreach will then delivery orders that Monday afternoon.

Please note that participants are responsible for covering the cost of the grocery order and picking fee using a credit card. Community Outreach will cover the cost of the delivery.

To place your order, please call Foodland in Exeter at 519-235-0212.

Additional Wellness Programs

Community Outreach offers a variety of additional Wellness Programs throughout the year, including Yoga, Nordic Pole Walking, Ball Exercise, and many others. Many Wellness Programs are offered at no cost; however, some programs do have a fee.

Further information

For more information or to register for a Wellness Program, please