Blue Water Rest Home, long term care in Zurich ON

Discover why our Blue Water Rest Home sets the gold standard for long-term care for seniors in Huron County.

Blue Water Rest Home

Blue Water Rest Home takes pride in providing quality care and support, as a long-term care home in Huron County. Each year, the Ministry of Long-Term
Care undertakes an annual Resident Quality Inspection to ensure we meet the province’s high standards for long-term care here at Blue Water Rest Home.

Our 65-bed charitable Long-Term Care Home was selected in 2008 to be the provincial pilot project, creating the model for future long-term care renewal
across Ontario. Our not-for-profit care home was extensively redeveloped and renovated to include the latest services between 2008-2010.

With views across open countryside, we’re just a short distance from Lake Huron and just outside the lovely country town of Zurich.

More about Blue Water Rest Home (BWRH)

Our Long Term Care home is supported by many departments, including Nursing, Dietary, Activation/Therapy Services, and Environmental Services.

We provide 24hr / 7 days a week care to our residents. In addition to the quality care and support provided by Nursing and Activation, our residents’ Circle of Care includes our Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner, Dietitian, Physiotherapy, and Social Work services.

Our resident-centered programs focus on creating meaningful experiences, connections and relationships for our residents, so that they can live their best life until their last breath.

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BWRH Residents’ Council

Blue Water Rest Home also has a highly active Residents Council, who represent all those living with us. The Council meets monthly to discuss everything from programs they would like to see, to providing feedback on meal menus to concerns.

Our Leadership Team welcomes the Council’s input, and we are committed to continually improving care, services and resident experience for all those at BWRH.

Palliative Philosophy of Care

As part of our resident-centered, interdisciplinary approach, we are committed to providing a palliative philosophy of care. Click here to learn more about our palliative program.

If you are interested in Advanced Care Planning, please visit

Long-term care funding

All long-term care homes in Ontario are funded and regulated by the provincial government. Some, like Blue Water Rest Home, operate on a charitable, non-profit basis.

Blue Water Rest Home accommodation rates are set by the government. How much you pay is based on the type of accommodation you choose:

  • Basic – $2036.40/month
  • Semi-Private – $2455.24/month
  • Private – $2909.36/month

You or your family can ‘upgrade’ to semi-private or private care by paying an additional fee directly to Blue Water Rest Home.

The government pays your care home direct for key elements of your care:

  • Nursing and Personal Care
  • Programming & Support Services
  • Raw Food
  • Other Accommodation

Many care homes offer ‘packages’ where you pay varying amounts for certain levels services. At BWRH, we believe in one deal for everyone, so many services are included, such as:

  • Three meals a day, plus snacks
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Grounds and building maintenance
  • All entertainment and activities
  • Seniors exercise programs (groups)
  • Religious services if you wish to attend

If you are eligible for placement in a long-term care home, you will not be refused because of an inability to pay. Your Care Coordinator can provide you with more information and help answer any additional questions you may have.

Please visit the Government of Ontario website for more information on costs, long-term care home resident co-payment rates and subsidy eligibility.

Admissions to Blue Water Rest Home

As of June 28, 2024 Home and Community Care Support Services became Ontario Health atHome. With this change Ontario Health atHome is now a single organization that is responsible for coordinating local home and community care, long-term care placement and helping people find services in the community.

All long-term care applications are submitted and managed through Ontario Health atHome. You can visit as many care homes as you wish to find which ones might suit you best. To start the process for long-term care, complete a referral at Ontario Health atHome, and they will contact you with next steps. You are eligible to choose up to five different homes on the the long-term care application.

It is important to note that most long-term care homes have a waiting list, and the wait may be longer for a specific LTC or type of room. If you are looking for wait times for specific long-term care homes, please contact your care coordinator or call 1-888-470-2222.

Click here for more information about transitioning from hospital to long-term care.

Regulation and Management

Like all Ontario Long Term Care (LTC) homes, Blue Water Rest Home is regulated by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. We are inspected annually to ensure that we meet the province’s high standards for resident care.

As a charitable long-term care home in Ontario, we run on a not-for-profit basis. We are therefore accountable not only to the provincial government and the healthcare authorities, but also to our own Board of Directors.

Resident Quality of Life Survey Summary

Each year, we ask our residents who have resided with us for 3 months or longer or their families to provide feedback in the form of our Resident Quality of Life Survey.

Surveys are completed by residents who are able to understand and respond to the questions being asked. Otherwise, surveys are sent to their Power of Attorney (POA) for completion.

2023 Residents Satisfaction Survey Summary

The Resident Quality of Life Survey was provided to all residents residing at BWRH who had a CPS (Cognitive Performance Score) score of less than 3. Surveys for residents with a CPS score of 4 and above were sent to their POA for completion.

38 of 42 surveys were completed with the assistance of our summer activation student for a 90.4% return rate.

4 of 22 surveys were completed by residents POA for an 18.2% return rate.

For analysis of this survey- The first two answers (Always and Most of the time) are considered as positive responses, whereas the second two (Some of the time and Never) are considered negative responses. A subcategory of (No answer provided) was added for use if the question had no response provided.

Click here to view the 2023 Satisfaction Survey Results

Highlights of Resident Responses

  • 89.5% of residents felt respected when cared for.
  • 76.3% of residents felt they had enough variety in the meals.
  • 97.6% of residents feel safe when they are alone.
  • 100% of residents replied that they get the care and services they need.
  • 76.3% of residents said BWRH feels like home to them.
  • 97.3% of residents would recommend BWRH to others.
  • indicated that the temperature of the rooms is comfortable.